Hey! So you wanna be an actor?

Natalie is accepting aspiring actors and performers who want to excel in their career for private coaching.

Sessions are 1 hour for $60 or 1.5 hours for $75.


Coaching sessions are suited to your individual needs and covers a range of but not limited to:

* audition preparation

* how to get an agent

* showreel preparation and advice

* acting technique, script analysis, delving into challenging characters

* navigating the journey and mindset of the actor, and how to move into the next phase of your career

* for the beginner - where to start and how to gain momentum in your acting journey


Chanika Desilva - Actor

Natalie is an Australian director, writer, actress and mentor based in Sydney. I have had the priviledge of both working with Natalie and being under her watchful eye. Natalie provides a safe space where you can grow as an artist and is an insightful actress and director herself, willing to go the extra mile to bring colour and honesty to your work. She will drive you to be the best version of yourself as an artist and human being. I would without a doubt recommend Natalie to any artist of all levels who is looking for an acting mentor, or career and life coach.



Sian Luxford - Actor

Natalie Tesoriero is not only an incredible actress, director, writer and producer, she is also gives incredible advice. She’s refreshingly honest, curious, and practical, and she always has your best interests at heart. Whenever I have an issue in my acting career, Nat is one of the first people I contact. She has spent hours upon hours trawling through my work, just to help me pick out the best 90 seconds for my reel. She has spent hours upon hours motivating me whenever the stress of juggling life and acting becomes overwhelming. And she has spent years upon years absorbing every morsel of information she can about acting and the acting business. One of the main reasons I will always trust Nat’s advice is that she understands this industry is not a competition, it’s a network, and success comes to those who work together and build each other up. You can’t help feeling inspired whenever you speak to her. I’m so excited and proud that she’s turning this talent into a business, and I have no doubt she’ll help multitudes of creatives shape their budding careers into something amazing.

Ashleigh Davidson - Actor

Natalie is my go-to person for anything and everything acting related. Being an actor herself gives her particular insight when it comes to everything from choosing the right headshots to picking the perfect moments in scenes to put together a professional acting showreel (both of which Natalie has done for myself). I would highly recommend Natalie as an acting mentor.

Miranda Hayman – Performer and Business Owner

Natalie has helped me immensely with preparing for upcoming auditions. From monologues and breaking down lyrics to self tests and script work. Having someone there to help you try parts in different ways, give you constructive criticism and show you a fresh way of looking at things has been extremely beneficial for me. Now, Natalie is the first person I go to when I receive audition material!

Natalie is also a beautiful soul and a wonderful person to go to if you are looking for guidance. She’s one of the few people I know who truly listens and cares and I can trust she won’t just tell me what I may want to hear, she will always give me reliable and honest advice.